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Saturday, March 20, 2010

So What Do You Want ?

MEN: “What do you think women want in a man?”

WOMEN: “What do you really want in a man?”


  1. As a man, I think most women go into relationships without knowing fully what they want. I think they have built so much of "their world" around what they have been wanting from an early age that they often do not see the reality they live in. This is not to say they are disillusioned, this is to say many seem to have difficulty separating what they wanted from what they really have.

    That said, I think women want their dream man... the one who can read their minds, take on as much of the burden and growth in the relationship as they can, and deal with them from their perspective. I think this is true at the beginning of the relationship but it changes if the couple remains together and TRULY want to be happy.

    I've talked to a number of people who've been together for decades and there is a common thread which indicates there must to open and honest communication grounded in the reality of the moment, not the thoughts of the past, or fears of the future.

    Ultimately, I think these are the women who come to understand that what they want most in their man is for him to be their friend... their true friend, for life.

  2. What Do I Really Want In A Man?

    Well, I want a man who is easy to talk to, someone that I can trust. Trust is so important because it allows you to be free to communicate & share your deepest secrets and know that they will not share it with anyone or never throw it up in your face. I want my man to be my best friend! Also, someone who has my back if I am in need what ever it maybe I know I can go to my man and he will be there or just say don't worry I got you!

    I want to surrender, in order for me to do that I have to trust him and he needs to show me that I can.

  3. A man who is a man of his word........If you say you are going to do something Just Do It, if you can't be honest about it.

  4. Women want an everything MAN...Listen,Share your wants needs & desires, Love her unconditionally, Hold her when she is sad and wants to cry, Protect her ( Make her feel safe), Take charge when needed.