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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daddy Issues

Are daddy issues real? If so, does this hold true for men as much as for women. Women are always told the reason they have problems with men is because they have daddy issues. Men have problems with women, so is this because they also have daddy issues or is it how they were raised by their mother?

Men are suppose to be the leaders/head of the house hold so if a man does not have a father figure teaching him these things how is he suppose to be this way. So, could that be considered a daddy issue? or is this because most men have a very strong mother and by seeing this men think that all women are suppose to be this way. So now instead of a man being the leader/head he will see a woman as his equal. Also, due to the economic issues of course it takes two incomes and in some cases the woman becomes the sole provider, so is she the leader now or is the man?

Your thoughts?


  1. Good questions. I believe boys and girls need a GOOD father figure in their life. Girls need a good father image to demonstrate how men should treat her. Boys need a good male image to show them how to be a man. Some woman take care of their sons and raise their daughters. Those boys grow up looking for their mother in a woman. This is a problem. Women you need to raise your sons; they are NOT your man! And you wonder why you cannot find a good man... You didn't raise them... now, who's going to take care of you?

    Yes the woman might be head of household on tax returns. However, I believe the woman and man both have their strengths that's shared in the household, which brings balance and creates functionality, to run the household properly. The bread winner does not have the final say based on income. They should be equal in partnership. Separate in income, equal in household. LOL

  2. The problem in our society is that we have all not been taught how to be partners in relationships. Many of us operate from a place of ignorance when it comes to being mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and we allow the dysfunction to ruin what could have been a great relationship. We are firmly rooted in our ways and have developed our dysfunction to the point where nothing else matters or we resist doing what we need to do to become better at maintaining/sustaining our relationship. A boy needs a Father in his life in order to learn how to be a man. A girl needs a Mother in her life in order to learn how to be a woman. Children need responsible parents in their lives in order to learn how to be responsible and sustain their relationships. We need to wake up from the notion that one parent can be both parents. And we need to understand in order to deal with the challenges we are all facing now, we have to start thinking about what is most important to realizing a given goal at any time. And we need to learn how to communicate.

  3. I believe that all kids need a father in their life. When I was growing up for those of us that didn't have a father around we hand strong father figures around us to help. Now a day brothers just don't care about these young black kids out here today, you can't get a guy to stand up with his own kids let alone doing something for someone else kids. Back in the day a real man would step up for a women who could just lost her husband and have 2 or 3 kids and love them kids and raise them as his own, now that's a real man for ya.

    Is there a daddy issue for men, hell yes there is. The streets are raising our kids today. A kid can't grow up with their mother and father, that just will not work. When this happen there are no guide lines between parent and child, so how can we expect that kid to grow up and be an responsible adult. It start with the parent so we have to send our product out into the world ready. To the fathers out there I know your baby mama might get a little crazy but hang in there and be a father to your kid because no one else will.