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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Reasons Your Need to Start Dating Your Husband - MORE Magazine - For Women 40 Plus

Think just because you're married your dating days are behind you? Not so, says matchmaker Rachel Greenwald.


  1. I read through this article and it is so very true. All too often we tend to get too caught up in "our own little world" and neglect to actively meet the needs of our spouse. It is one thing to do something because the other person needs it... but it's something far more special and nurturing to happily choose to do something for the other person because you know it is important to them. In fact, it is the difference between staying together or moving apart in many cases.

    I think if men and women are serious about having a fulfilling relationship then they ought to decide it is a good thing to give themselves to their partners, and then they should do it. Instead, we rather cling to our habits or ideals (that we think define us) that only break down the relationship, and cause the closeness and interest in one another to dissipate. Shame on us.

    So we really need to DECIDE to DO what is good for what we say we really want, and not make excuses for things when they go south...

    The challenge and the question is simple: Which of you who wants a thriving and nurturing relationship is will to quit talking and/or dreaming about it, and open your hearts, minds and eyes to creating it right where you are?