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We All Desire An Unfailing Love........

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Day!

Lovers get all stressed out on this day and for what? Showing the one you love should not bring about stress, the bible says that Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant! So, don’t go into this day stressed because you cannot afford to buy that perfect gift, just think about the Love that you have for the woman/man in your life and show them how much you appreciate them loving you back.
The little things really matter the most when you put some thought into. Take note and pay attention to your lover’s likes and dislikes, this will help you find the perfect way to say I Love You without breaking the bank especially in these tough economic times. Remember Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate Love & Affection between Lovers. Celebrating your love for someone should go beyond one day, saying I Love You is free everyday all day!
Little or no cost gifts of love:
o Handmade card
o Write a poem
o A single long stem rose
o Cook his/her favorite dinner – Set a table for two with candles & roses petals around
o Pamper night – Give your lover a bath followed by a pedicure/manicure and end it with a massage (men & women like to be pampered) don’t forget to set the mood!
o Have a movie night and just hold each other while enjoying spending time together
o Ladies – Here is a gift you may already have “Stilettos’” & nothing else…..
o Chocolate Fondue with strawberry’s & champagne
o Breakfast in bed – If you don’t have Tina Maria’s Passion Play all I will say is get it & really listen to it
o Slow Dance – Create the mood , put on Teddy, The Isley Brothers or Marvin Gaye and enjoy the night
o Make a CD with love songs that remind you of your lover as a gift and every time she/he plays it they will think of you
o Buy or make their favorite Dessert & serve it with Champagne or whatever you like
o Read to each other – suggested reading (poetry/erotica or write your own) remember let you imagination run free
How will you or/have you expressed your love, please share………


  1. allow me
    (The Poetry Series #7)

    allow me to accompany you into your bath
    to remove your clothing
    to help you into the water
    to reach into the warmth and lather your back
    to assist your path to relaxation
    to gently massage you body
    to enjoy the gift of loving you

    allow me to help you into the room
    to prepare the bed that awaits
    to make sure you are dry
    to make sure you are comfortable
    to steal a peek at all your naked beauty
    to come close to those places that give you joy
    to sooth your worries with soft sounds

    allow me to lay you down
    to tell you that I love you
    to find where it hurts or where you are weary
    to kiss you there, gently, lovingly, longingly
    to nurture your Spirit with tenderness
    to enjoy the look of your horizontal profile
    to know and feel my caring for your needs

    allow me to find the path to your eroticism
    to delight in the journey
    to glory in the experience of anticipation
    to think of all you offer, all you are
    to give my all to you
    to desire your pleasure, giving to you
    to desire your pleasure, receiving from you

    allow me to slowly explore your body
    to savor its feel beneath my touch
    to search out those areas that take you there
    to discover even those that you resist
    to relish your victory over those
    to smile as I watch your release of the tensions of the day
    to feel the waves of passion begin to envelop you

    allow me to take away thought of your stressful day
    to do what pleases you because it pleases me
    to hear your intense delight
    to experience your letting go
    to thrill at the experiential essence of -- you
    to know this gift is for you
    to know its yours - whenever

    allow me to know this is our sacred sharing
    to feel your touch
    to close the gap of space, time and connectedness in our embrace
    to recognize our sweet union
    to explore the harmonic reverberations of your released passion
    to hold you close in surrender
    to quietly know we are one

    allow me to kiss you upon the neck, the cheek
    to feel the warmth of your now relaxed body
    to listen to your deepening breathing
    to enjoy the aroma of our mingling
    to thank the Gods for you
    to whisper I love you
    to peacefully surrender to slumber

    allow me

  2. Romantic Love Is Powerful!