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Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Know!

You know you're in Love when you can't sleep because Reality is finally better than your Dreams - Unknow Author


  1. Sometimes in order to see love you have to alow yourself to be open to love.

  2. Why is it that people constantly love living in your past. Your past is a tool to grow from, it's not for you to be reminded of if it's something that your not happy about. If you want a grown up relationship stop reminding me of the obvious, remember it's my past not yours.

  3. You must learn from the past and not take it into your future....Think before you leap to the next, ask yourself why did it fail and what can you do to not make the same mistake in the next relationship. So, with that said if you share your past with your new relationship make sure they are mature enough to handle it and you can trust that they will not remind you of it.

  4. #Please answer this other question from the men: When a woman says she wants a "Good Man", will she recognize him when she sees him? This is especially if she has been saddled with "Bad Men" in past relationships.

    Men just keep everything on the real if you really want that good woman and if she is on the real about who she is, then she will respect all the good you are bringing into this relationship. Now men if your past relationship was to duck, dodge hide and believe “it wasn’t me“ when in fact it was you, then you should probably look out, especially if she has been saddled with “ Bad Men in her past relationships”; because your lady might pick through this relationship with a fine tooth comb. Personally, I don’t think most women want this comb through thing, but she may have a red flag syndrome hovering around in the shadows; waiting just in case for a little white lie slip up - then bang out pops that red flag, her protector. Now it is too bad if the red flag is there but, men if you are bringing on the good, then most women will be there for you loving it all. Now the red flag may willfully become a dual emblem, “forgotten until needed“.

    Okay one for the road (stay sexy) Men and women everyone would like their partner to look good right! so stay healthy and do be your best because the older we get it takes just a little more work, so Men and Women do your best to stay healthy; no matter what state you are in now, every second gives us time to change.

    keeping it real!