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Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Question Is For The Fella's

Are the following true statements to keeping a long lasting relationship,A woman should?

1. Wear heels with everything when she is with her man?

2. Know how to cook the meals he likes and more?

3. Have an interest in his hobbies i.e. football, video games, golf etc.?

4. Have her own life, own friends, money etc?

5. Stay in shape, If he met you at a certain weight & size you should stay that size unless it changes due to child birth?

Please answer the question truthfully, I have either read or heard the above statements on more than once.


  1. Question 5 should not matter because men and women both gain and lose weight over the years.... If you love me we should work together to eat healthy and stay in shape.

  2. No, Heels all the time are not good for the feet.
    Yes but she should also feel free to experiment.
    Only if she likes what he likes, otherwise no.
    Yes by all means. She needs a sounding board of folks she can trust.
    Only if he is willing to do the same.

  3. I have a question, Does a woman, in her choice for a man, want a man with a little wildness/adventure in him or does she prefer a safe man that does only what she wants? Second question is when a woman says she wants a "Good Man", will she recognize him when she see's him? This is especially if she has been saddled with "Bad Men" in past relationships.

  4. 1. Wear heels with everything when she is with her man? When appropriate

    2. Know how to cook the meals he likes and more? In many cases

    3. Have an interest in his hobbies i.e. football, video games, golf etc.? Absolutely

    4. Have her own life, own friends, money etc? She should be an individual but never lose sight of her relationship with her man/husband. She should never put any of these above him or allow them to influence how she regards him.

    5. Stay in shape, If he met you at a certain weight & size you should stay that size unless it changes due to child birth? As long as she loves herself and knows how to carry her sex appeal it doesn't matter -- assuming she remain at a healthy weight/size. Good health equals long life and fuller life.

    NOTE: In order for a woman to remain in a lasting relationship, that is healthy and fulfilling, she must first drop any attitudes or baggage from her past hurts and fully accept the man she is with. This is not to say she has to agree with him or what he does, but she has to respect him always... of leave him alone. Men leave women because they are not respected or because the woman has some unresolved issue she refuses to address.

  5. Christepher - Your question will be answered when I flip the question to the women.....

  6. Heels are much appreciated, but not necessary all the time.

    Any kind of (good) cooking nowadays is appreciated. Something that he likes is a plus. But truth be told, we all work, so we both can cook for each other.

    Having an interest in all his hobbies is unrealistic. But she should pick one or two that she likes and show a little more than a passing interest in it. This allows for more time spent together.

    Both need to have their own friends, and their own life. No one should base their life completely around someone else. Every grown person should have their own money and be able to support themsleves. No one person should fund a relationship. Ladies, every now and then, treat your man to something nice, whether it be a dinner or a night out somewhere. Nobody likes to feel like they supporting another child.

    Everyone should stay in some sort of shape. The reality is that if you looked a certain way when a man met you, that's what he is/was attracted to. Women should try to stay close to that as possible. No one really minds a little weight gain, but the trick questions ("do you think I'm getting fat?"), and comments ("my clothes are getting too tight") remind us that you have gained weight. Keep it to yourself and work on it until you feel good about it.

  7. The Top Qualities of a Good Woman

    A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on what it takes to be a good man. The emails came pouring in from guys asking me to post a blog on what it takes to be a good woman.

    •A good woman freaks you out with her intelligence. Women have the uncanny ability to cut through the fogginess of an issue and come up with a brilliant perspective. The upside for guys is that the more you hang around smart women, like my wife, the more brainy you become.

    •A good woman in the eyes of her husband is drop dead gorgeous.With such a beautiful woman on your arm, you cannot help but keep your eyes on her. There's nothing wrong with having a wife or girlfriend who's such a knock out that you often have to pinch yourself because you're so fortunate.

    •A good woman is kind and compassionate to others. Though she's wise enough to see the mistakes people make that mess up their lives, a woman can still demonstrate compassion. This causes the man to live in a world where he's got to do the right thing. When my wife gets an idea of how we can help others, it may be the last thing I want to do at that moment. Yet once I'm on the scene in a convalescent home, it's an experience I'll never forget.

    •A good woman has a sense of humor that takes you by surprise. To truly hear your wife's humorous side, you've got to listen. If you're reading the newspaper or checking out Monday Night Football, you'll miss out on some very funny things your wife may say.

    •A good woman is a great listener. Women make great counselorssince they listen intently when someone speaks to them. At the same time, a woman should exercise the freedom to be honest with the person she's listening to. She can use her abilities to be an encourager as well as to empower others to do what they want to do in life.

    •A good woman is a hard worker. I know men work hard. However, there are so many women across America who work hard all day and come home at night to a messy house and no dinner. At times you have to force a woman to relax. Take the mop out of her hand and start mopping the floor, guys.

    •A good woman will share your spiritual values. You should check out any potential mate to make sure she's on the same spiritual page. There should exist a divine spark between the two of you. You sense that God brought you together, you enjoy praying with one another and reading the Scriptures is not a chore or a duty, but a joy.

    •A good woman has a balance of power. She knows the power of her intelligence and does not use it to intimidate others but to share with others. She allows the man to have his power as well. Men want to be a woman's hero. That desire should not be squashed by a woman with a greater intellect and power, but encouraged and affirmed.

    •A good woman always chooses a good man. She is looking for someone who is honest and has integrity. She wants to be with a man who will stay with her in both good and bad times. You don't want to be with a man who bolts once conflict arises. You should also agree on many issues, one of them being money. Savers should think twice before connecting with a wild spender.