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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ladies It's Your Turn To Answer!

What are the top 5 qualities that are important to keeping you with your man?

1. Does he have to make a million dollars or have million dollar potential i.e. willing to work and not live off his lady? Are you willing to support his dream and still make him feel like a man?

2. Is chivalry important to you?

3. Does he have to appreciate you and be romantic?

4. Does your man have to have a little wildness/adventure in him or do you prefer a safe man that does only what you want?

5. Does he have to be physically fit?

Please answer this other question from the men: When a woman says she wants a "Good Man", will she recognize him when she sees him? This is especially if she has been saddled with "Bad Men" in past relationships.


  1. Trust, Respect, Unconditional Love and Appreciation For Me.... I think chivalry is imporant a man should treat a woman like a lady and in return she will show appreciation towards him. I think a man and woman would benifit from a little wildness in the bedroom. As for the physically I think he should be concerned, but I would hold on tight to his love handles and not care. I think that he should have million dollar potential.Supporting the one you love is important sometimes a very special person can help you reach your full potietial with a little support & a lot of LOVE!

  2. Anonymous said...
    #Please answer this other question from the men: When a woman says she wants a "Good Man", will she recognize him when she sees him? This is especially if she has been saddled with "Bad Men" in past relationships.

    Men just keep everything on the real if you really want that good woman and if she is on the real about who she is, then she will respect all the good you are bringing into this relationship. Now men if your past relationship was to duck, dodge hide and believe “it wasn’t me“ when in fact it was you, then you should probably look out, especially if she has been saddled with “ Bad Men in her past relationships”; because your lady might pick through this relationship with a fine tooth comb. Personally, I don’t think most women want this comb through thing, but she may have a red flag syndrome hovering around in the shadows; waiting just in case for a little white lie slip up - then bang out pops that red flag, her protector. Now it is too bad if the red flag is there but, men if you are bringing on the good, then most women will be there for you loving it all. Now the red flag may willfully become a dual emblem, “forgotten until needed“.

    Okay one for the road (stay sexy) Men and women everyone would like their partner to look good right! so stay healthy and do be your best because the older we get it takes just a little more work, so Men and Women do your best to stay healthy; no matter what state you are in now, every second gives us time to change.

    keeping it real!

  3. Why our young Boys are not becoming true Men:

    Truly loving our children requires us to set them free and practice nonattachment. Trust and allow.

    Parenting asks us to rise to some of the most difficult challenges this world has to offer, and one of its greatest paradoxes arises around the issue of attachment. On the one hand, successful parenting requires that we love our children, and most of us love in a very attached way. On the other hand, it also requires that we let go of our children at the appropriate times, which means we must practice some level of nonattachment. Many parents find this difficult because we love our children fiercely, more than we will ever love anyone, and this can cause us to overstep our bounds with them as their independence grows. Yet truly loving them requires that we set them free.

    Attachment to outcome is perhaps the greatest obstacle on the parenting path, and the one that teaches us the most about the importance of practicing nonattachment. We commonly perceive our children to be extensions of ourselves, imagining that we know what’s best for them, but our children are people in their own right with their own paths to follow in this world. They may be called to move in directions we fear, don’t respect, or don’t understand, yet we must let them go. This letting go happens gradually throughout our lives with our children until we finally honor them as fully grown adults who no longer require our guidance. At this point, it is important that we treat them as peers who may or may not seek our input into their lives. This allows them, and us, to fully realize the greatest gift parents can offer their offspring —independence.

    Letting go in any area of life requires a deep trust in the universe, in the overall meaning and purpose of existence. Remembering that there is more to us and our children than meets the eye can help us practice nonattachment, even when we feel overwhelmed by concern and the desire to interfere. We are all souls making our way in the world and making our way, ultimately, back to the same source. This can be our mantra as we let our children go in peace and confidence.

    Your thoughts...

  4. 1) A rich man is not necessarily a happy man, he just has to be passionate about his goals and actually doing the work it takes to achieve them. If his goals are realistic (if you are over 30 your chances of making it as a break out hip-hop artist are slim) what good woman wouldn't be willing to support his dream?

    2) Chivalry is almost a forgotten concept these days, I am always impressed by a man who walks in front of me on a staircase, on the outside when we're walking down the street or order for me (after asking what I'm having) at a restaurant. Chivalry is not a requirement but it certainly a characteristic that makes one man stand out from the rest!!

    3) Most of us women work just as hard as the fellas these days, in fact recent reports say we're earning more money and holding higher positions so yes appreciate me just as I appreciate you. Romance is nice and that doesn't mean spending tons of money - just listen to the things that make me happy

    4) For so many of us, a man who is safe & nice = boring. Be sweet & kind but a little mystery & edge is so sexy!!

    5)Yes! This doesn't mean he has to be built like Dwayne Johnson but just take good care of his health. They are the hunters & gatherers & protectors - a woman should be soft & round where the man is not :)